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The most famous of the hidden bunkers are those used by Adolf Hitler's Nazi regime. One of these bunkers is the one in which he barricaded himself in near the end of World War II (and the one he is believed to committed suicide in).

Historians for many years have been aware that was not the only bunker used by Hitler or his regime.

It has been believed for a long time that the Nazi's had hidden bunkers in many places some of which were outside the German borders. In recent years a few of Hitler's hidden bunkers have "surfaced" in the strangest of ways.

The Bunker That Is Loaded With Bombs and Doubles as a Major Airport

The Schoenefeld airport in Berlin, Germany has almost two million people pass through its airline terminals every year. Once part of eastern Germany, East Berlin is now a major connecting point between numerous other cities around Europe. But most of the passengers arriving at or passing through Schoenefeld have no idea that one of Hitler's hidden bunkers is hidden under the runways at the airport. And what's more, they probably have no idea that the bunker complex is fully intact and loaded with live, unexploded bombs and ammunition as well as (possibly) fully fueled aircraft from the German military of World War II.

When the Berlin Wall and the associated fall of communism came apart in the late 1980's, documents from an East German organization known as Stasi, which was the secret police of East Germany were discovered showing that tons of live, unexploded World War II bombs were buried in hidden bunkers underneath Schoenefeld Airport. Now home to several commercial and charter airlines, it appears that according to the documents that the hidden bunkers under Schoenefeld also are hiding Nazi fighter aircraft, fully intact and possibly full of aircraft fuel.

Berlin city authorities say the airport is perfectly safe but is not taking any chances and is continuing to investigate the data in the Stasi documents. There are a lot of documents to be examined and authorities in Berlin admit it will take many years to verify all the information.

Storms Have Uncovered Hidden Nazi Bunkers on the Coast Of Denmark

While some hidden bunkers remain a mystery because they either have been destroyed and buried, or like the bunkers at Schoenefeld, remain buried for safety reasons, occasionally hidden bunkers come out of hiding as a result of nature's fury.

A few years ago, three Nazi bunkers that had been hidden for many years on a beach on the coast of Denmark were uncovered after a series of storms washed away the sand that had been covering them. Amazingly, the bunkers were found to be in almost the same condition as they were when Nazi soldiers abandoned them. Among the artifacts found in the bunkers were a tobacco pipe with tobacco still in it and a half full bottle of Schnapps liquor.

The formerly hidden bunkers were first discovered by a couple of boys vacationing with their parents. Local authorities informed a group of archaeologists who were able to enter the bunkers and recover a variety of objects left behind by the Nazi troops, which were taken to a museum to be examined and archived.


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